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Cruise Insurance
Personal Accident

Death - 25,000 adults; 1,000 students under 16 and adults over 70. Loss of one or more limbs, or one or both eyes, or permanent total disability from following any occupation - 25,000.

Medical and Associated Expenses

Sum insured up to 5,000,000.

Baggage and Personal Effects

Sum insured - up to 2,000. A limit of 400 on any item, pair or set; a limit of 400 on valuables. This section includes emergency purchase of essential items if your baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours - up to 150. Please note that mobile phones are not covered.

Personal Money

Sun insured - up to 500, cash limit of 300.

Personal Liability

Limit of liability - 2,000,000

Loss of deposit, cancellation and curtailment

Cover up to the cost of the holiday

Travel Day

Either (a) in the event of a full 12 hours delay - 50 per passenger and 25 for each subsequent 12 hour period up to a maximum payment of 300, for all legs of the journey.

Or (b) if the delay on the outward journey exceeds 24 hours and you wish to cancel the cruise - up to the holiday cost.

Medical and Emergency Service

24 hour service supplied

Legal Expenses

Sum insured up to 50,000.

Important Notice - Excesses

All sections exclude up to the first 50 of each and every loss of claim for each insured person except Personal Accident, Hospital Benefit, Delayed Baggage and Travel Delay (which have no excess) and cancellation and curtailment (up to 100 excess).
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