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As an educational charity, one of ISACís main purposes is to 'provide education and to organise travel by sea, air and land for children'.

For 2013 we are offering the Eric Sherwin Scholarship of up to the cost of a cruise. Every year we donate a considerable amount to support pupils in two ways. The value of such support may even be, but rarely, as much as 100% of the cruise fare. More usually it is between 25% and 50% of the fare. We offer:

ē Scholarships to those who submit very good projects on cruise subjects.
ē Bursaries to those who, without our bursarial assistance, would not be able to travel.

Bursaries may be applied for through the child's Head, who should write, in confidence, to The Secretary. Any reasonable case will be willingly considered. Scholarships are awarded to the pupils who submit very good projects.

Award entries must be sent to the secretary by 10th April 2013.
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