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ISAC Prices

Prices for Children and Parents

The cruise is open to children aged 10 and a half and 16 on the 1st October 2013. ISAC is offering the cruise at a subsidised fare of £1,320*. An initial deposit of £250 is required on booking followed by a payment schedule. The adult fare will be £1,850 but there are generous concessions for spouses and family members.

*ISAC will be subsidising £330 per student.

School Parties and Party leaders

If 12 or more children travel, one party leader travels free.
If fewer than 12 travel, the party leader will be charged a proportion of the subsidised fare.
If the party is 24 or more, there is a reduction for the party leaderís spouse and also generous concessions for the party leaderís family.
Applications from individual children for attachment to school parties are welcome, as are applications from families.

Payment Schedule

Booking form and £250 deposit by 1 February 2012, £450 by 1 October 2012, £450 by 1 Feburary 2013. Final balance due 1 July 2013 will be £170. A suggested staged payment scheme is available from the Secretary.
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