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If you have opened this page then you are probably curious about taking pupils cruising but may be concerned about the responsibility and paper work that may be involved.

Obviously, there is responsibility for the wellbeing and safety of your charges and there will be paper work. However, these are kept to a minimum and much of the work is done for you by ISAC and Voyages of Discovery. Many trustees of ISAC are regular party leaders and are very well supported by Voyages of Discovery.

We cannot stress enough the educational value that pupils gain from cruising; experiencing several different cultures first hand and gaining a far better perspective about the people and places we visit than they get from newspapers and television documentaries.

As a member of staff you will also enjoy life on board – you can choose to eat with the pupils or with adults for full restaurant meals. There are a few duties and clearly a homesick or seasick child might need your attention but on board the pupils have evening activities that usually make teaching staff redundant!

When you are on an excursion ashore you have the support of Voyage of Discovery staff and all organised trips have a guide. On board all party leaders have meetings and briefings on each of the excursions which give you the opportunity to meet other more experienced party leaders and ISAC trustees who will be pleased to answer any worries you may have about the rare occasions you are ashore just as a school party.

The trip includes comprehensive travel insurance from the time you leave your school till the time you return. We hope that the information following will persuade you to join us on our next cruise – you won’t regret it!
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