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Your child will have a wonderful experience, both in terms of sightseeing and by experiencing life on board ship.

Sightseeing: Each visit is carefully designed to suit the childrenís age range. The local guides all speak excellent English and the tours are well balanced with history and information and then time for the children to explore on their own. Before each visit, a member of the Cruise staff on board gives a talk to the children so that they will get the most out of their sightseeing. An excellent information book, covering each country visited and also facts about the ship and navigation, is provided. The children are encouraged to keep diaries and a book is provided for this purpose.

On board: There is plenty of entertainment in the evenings organised by the shipís staff. These include films, quizzes, discos and fancy dress competitions. All school parties mix and there are great opportunities for making new friends. The cruise might look expensive but is really very reasonable if you bear in mind that flights, excursions, insurance and food are all included. Pocket money is needed only for souvenirs. There is an excellent ratio of adults to children (1 to 12 in 2013). An English GP comes on each cruise and holds a daily surgery for any medical problems. Donít miss the opportunity of a cruise for your children. You can take them ski-ing any year but a cruise is an outstanding and memorable experience. And finally - Why donít you come too? Parents are welcome to accompany school parties!
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