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Monday 28th October depart 1900

A busy port, with cruise ships calling regularly for passengers to travel inland to Ephesus. The picturesque town is set out along the shore behind its beach. Hotels are being built in the area, which was once the base of the Barbarossa Brothers pirates who were feared throughout the Mediterranean Sea.

*EXCURSION: Ephesus 'en route' from Izmir airport included tour

Ancient Ephesus was home to 250,000 at a time when Ephesus rivalled Alexandria as the most important centre in the eastern Mediterranean. A commercial centre, a place of learning and a centre of pilgrimage. We see the remains of the Temple of Artemis, a Wonder of the Ancient World. Excavated and partly restored we see homes, shops, temples, bath houses, a great library and the theatre with seating for 24,000 where St Paul was said to have preached about the 'new religion', Christianity.
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