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How do you become an Accompanying Adult?

All school parties are run differently and, of course, party leaders may or may not decide to include accompanying adults on any particular cruise for which they are preparing. After all, the responsibility of taking children is a great one and the party leaders' first priority must be to them. Party leaders may feel that children will be confused as to who is in charge if parents accompany their children. However, if the ground rules are made clear from the beginning, parents will enjoy relaxing and letting the party leader make all the decisions. On voyages like this accompanying adults enjoy the benefit of being on a real holiday. It is also our experience that the whole party can become a large team with everyone pitching in to give a hand from time to time.

Those wishing to accompany their children should find out what their particular school's policy is and be prepared to embrace the aforementioned approaches. If you do desire to join a cruise, and are able, you will certainly be in for a superb treat. Many of the world's problems have been put to right over the odd refreshment in one of the ship's relaxing lounges at the end of a long day!
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